Moon Mentoring

To make a booking, please select a date and time from the calendar below*.  You will then be forwarded to the payment page.  Your session time is confirmed upon payment.

Please ensure that you book TWO sessions – one for FULL moon and one for NEW moon.  

Dates for both are listed below.  So for example, if you would like moon mentoring for the month of May (you will need to book one session on 15 May (new moon) and one session on 30 May (full moon).

Love Kate x

15 April 29 April
15 May 30 May
13 June 27 June
13 July 27 July
10 August 26 August
9 September 25 September
9 October 24 October
7 November 23 November
7 December 23 December


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*Please note the calendar reflects AEST dates and times.  For clients outside of Australia, please EMAIL Kate to schedule a session time.