Divinely Guided

Spirit has a beautiful way of sending messages our way and today mine came via a photograph that two beautiful women shared with me. They each sent me a picture of them with their copies of Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit, they were both sitting on the rocks, at the beach, where the photo on the Gypsy cover was taken.

A warm knowing washed over me, just as it did the moment the photograph was birthed. So today, I was reminded that it was time to share the magic of this story.

There was no plan for Gypsy’s cover, I hadn’t even finished her poems, on a warm winter’s afternoon found me at the beach my hair dancing in the wind, was captured by accident as Gypsy cackled, insisting that my accidental finger slip will create a beautiful divine dance and would feature as my second’s book cover.

Meditation and connecting to my heart space reminds me to trust that it is safe to live in this place of trust and connection with spirit. It helps me stay in a place of alignment and flow.

We are human beings doing our best, at times flowing and feeling in alignment can feel near impossible but my goodness when we are about to flow…it really IS so very magic.

The Poems to a Wild Gypsy cover is the perfect example of this.

The day I snapped this picture of my hair, I had driven down to the beach to complete the final step in an “abundance spell” – A spell for flowing prosperity. I remember battling with the final step of the spell, which was to throw a coin in to the ocean to spread the blessing. There was such flow in the preparation and setting up of this spell, so, despite my logical mind struggling with justifying the fuel AND the throwing of money into the ocean (it had been a tough month financially!) I knew that this wasn’t time to resist the final instruction. I knew this spell was going to support my trust in a change of financial circumstances AND it did.

What the moment down at the beach did most of all was connect me with the wildness within, I stood on the rocks and I made my request for abundance. I listened as my Wild Gypsy assured me that ALL was working out exactly as it needed too.

Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit has been the beginning of some amazing abundance but most importantly she has been the birth of new beginnings and new “ways” of working, giving and caring for me (and of course others!).

Whatever it is you may be trying to birth, a creative project, plans to relocate or travel, the actual conception of a child, trust that when you call on your higher power (however that presents to you) you WILL be supported in unimaginable ways.

Remember, when things are meant to happen, they will. You will receive all you need, exactly when you need, so keep trusting, flowing, being.

Yours in inner-peace and empowerment,

Love Kate

PS Still need a copy of Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit OR maybe you’d like to read Letters to a Tibetan Monk – grab your copies here.


My REAL job is changing lives…

I never imagined that I would work for myself. It really seemed like a foreign concept, one that I would leave to people who really knew what they were doing. I have since discovered that you work out all the biz stuff when you get the clarity on exactly what you want to offer the world.

When my younger sister was in intensive care in 2016, I knew it was time to step into my power and share what I really had to offer with the world. I knew that I had unique ways to support and guide women, to empower them, to help them to experience true inner peace, to help them make positive life choices.

I knew that I had a gift connecting to spirit and that Gumboots By The Sea could be a driving force behind how I choose to live my life, that I could really do what I love and support and empower women.

Working for yourself has so many perks but one advantage that I have never really recognised/appreciated was just how freeing it is to make the CHOICE to use my time MY WAY. This may be obvious to the on-looker, but it’s really taken me until this moment to acknowledge that for nearly three years I have been planting the seeds of all things Gumboots By The Sea (and Kate Darnell Celebrant) and it’s safe for me to truly enjoy all of my work – and the flexible way I can offer it! It’s safe and certainly time too, for me to recognise just how life changing and supportive Gumboots By The Sea has been to so many people, simply because I keep showing up, my way, in a way that works for me.

It really is so freeing to reflect and see that I AM doing my soul’s work. It’s lovely to just sit and allow this ALL to integrate as my work really does fuel my soul, support my family and continues to light me up as I help woman in a way that is fun, connected and so fulfilling – WIN-WIN.

Completely resigning from my secure teaching position and saying no to casual teaching work was relatively easy in the moment – but geeze I wouldn’t be human or completely honest if the fear and doubt STILL doesn’t find a way to creep in. At times (and usually when my self-care is low!) I will find myself wondering but when are you going to start actually working…suggesting to myself that my offerings and all things Gumboots By The Sea isn’t real work – what the?!

Today, I take a moment to really acknowledge that this is my life, I take a moment to articulate that this is me choosing to live life from a place of joy, passion, abundance and flow. To live out my true life’s purpose and really believe it – no matter the “cost” or how my choices may look to an outsider.

Investing in myself and my own healing has really made me step into all things me. It has given me the courage to articulate what I do as a spiritual guide and share why and how I’m doing it.

Maybe you’re feeling called to do the same? To invest in you and get the soul clarity you deserve?

Today is the last day to JOIN TRUST IN YOU – TRUST IN SOUL – The early bird offer is open for one more hour. After that you have until 5pm to say YES to a journey that will-

  • Remind you of your worth
  • Help you connect to your soul speak and
  • Prepare you to heal, evolve and be – by coming into the NOW and trusting in you.

Our first live call is tonight 9pm (AEST). I’m not exaggerating when I say that my sessions and in particular this course has supported many women to say YES to living a life that works FOR them.

I would love for you to join us. I would be honoured to support YOU.

Sign up here.

Love Kate X

the weekend (15)

We Are Whole.

Do you feel whole? It’s ok if you don’t! It’s ok if sometimes you do and at other times – erm…maybe not so much?

We’re all made up of perfectly imperfect perfections and often there are parts of our physical, emotional and spiritual beings that we can forget to be kind to – that may cause us pain, make us feel out of alignment.

Today I feel guided to share the story of my legs. Many of you would already know me as having a limp, some of you may not know that I have the limp because of a “deformity” caused by septic arthritis, in my left hip, when I was 1 year old.

My right leg stands strong, the masculine side of my body is slightly bowed, from some “corrective surgery” that “went wrong”, when I was 11 years old. My left hip sits higher than my right, my delicate feminine side, drops shorter and smaller too.

I believe my legs are the way they are, because of an illness that was destined to make me – me.

Most of the time I don’t even notice my limp, I hardly feel it and it doesn’t even sting when I’m described as the “woman with that limp” (I know I’m more than a physical description) My limp, my slightly higher, yet smaller hip, is simply – a part of who I am. While some may see my limp and describe me as having a “disability”, I really do see it as an ultimate gift.

I am exactly where I need to be, exactly HOW I need to be. I keep going. I believe in me – no matter what. I feel whole.

I believe my limp is here this lifetime to help me stand out, NOT in a bad feel sorry for Kate way but in a “hey look – we’re all a little different and it’s so ok.” Perhaps, in a body and soul positivity kind of way? Or perhaps for me to share that there are parts of me that are far from perfect but that doesn’t stop me from connecting to my place of peace and feeling whole.

My limp is a huge reason for my optimism and positivity. Perhaps, as a child, I felt the need to compensate for my very evident (although quite subtle) disability. Maybe, it’s because I grew up surrounded by SO much love and with gratitude for having legs and being alive. I always knew my physical disability was by no means a tragic one, so I grew up thankful that I could walk, not taking my legs and body for granted, excited to move and celebrate my body – however it showed up – to naturally birth babies, to just surrender to being me.

While I have struggled in the past, I never let my “hip/limp” hold me back and it was an awakening in my twenties that helped me get fit and sort out the emotional and physical pain that I felt in my legs. I realised it was time to move forward and never let anything, especially a mild physical disability hold me back from getting fit and believing in myself.

These days I’m fitter and healthier, meditation moves me beyond the physical realm. I wholeheartedly believe that alignments and pain are connected to emotional and physical reasons – so I heal from within, I don’t look for quick fixes, I surrender, accept, grow, and this beautiful soul, really really really works.

I am living, breathing, pain free, limping proof.

I always wondered when I would share this story with my Gumboots By The Sea community and it seems now is the time.

Spirit seems to feel that there are people who may feel like they are missing something, that they feel incomplete and not whole. I guess I’m here to tell you that a part of my left hip is “missing” but I choose to wholeheartedly believe that I AM WHOLE. I really believe that whatever we feel isn’t “right” in our world can be shifted – changed – healed – with little physical intervention (perhaps none, perhaps lots – whatever works and feels right for YOU!) but also with a whole heap of love and energy healing.


No matter how you look or feel, all you need to feel whole is to trust in your story and trust in WHO YOU ARE.

Trust in YOU Trust in SOUL – was divinely created to help YOU feel whole – it’s been channelled from my unique heart space for yours and I would love for you to join the unique spiritual journey – ONLINE – each Monday evening for 6 weeks, beginning October 29th

 You will experience unique meditations (recorded and yours to keep) and a whole mind, body and soul connection and alignment. The link is HERE.

Feel good however and where ever you are in your world right NOW. It’s so safe to show up, share and celebrate A L L of you – I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!

Love Kate X

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Bye Bye Soul Sabotage…Hello Self Love!

Soul Sabotage – are you familiar with it?

It’s the inner dialogue that keeps us small, gets in the way of our soul growth, our spiritual rising. It prevents us from making healthy choices, the choices that support us to own and use our story, for our greater good. It stops us from celebrating ALL of us,  who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Soul sabotages stops the flow, the abundance, the happiness. It’s fuelled by comparison,

assumption, H A T E (possibly just for self!) resentment AND judgement.

Few people live without soul sabotage so if you can relate to any of the above please be kind to yourself, being upset or hard on yourself will only feed more soul sabotage. Really, there’s nothing you can do other than accept it, acknowledge it and try to prevent it. One of the best ways to calm it by placing peace between you and any issue and making love your default.

To quote my co-host Sherrie from our Creative Spirits Podcast “It’s as easy and difficult as that”.

Can you really just flick a switch and change a channel?

Yes! No? Maybe!

Do we?

Not often…

My secret to preventing soul-sabotage…



It’s true, when we care for ourselves, we nurture our soul and we prioritise/honour what we need. We are able to do less soul-sabotaging and more soul-fuelling.

Today I’m sharing 11 Gumboots By The Sea ways we can return to self and stop the soul sabotage…

  1. SPEAK IT – speak to a loved one, your partner, bestie, sister, soulie…don’t worry if you feel silly saying it out loud (that’s just more sabotage) – give it a go and feel into the support! If you feel like no one wants to listen to you (MORE sabotage) I promise there is someone that does. Trust you can call on your people/person to help shift the negative mind chatter and start believing in you.
  2. WRITE IT – Not quite sure **what** it is that’s making you crap on yourself and soul? Take pen to paper and write it out. Journal, make a list, doodle, see what the pen has to say, there’s a message in it – I’m certain.
  3. SHIFT IT – Physically moving your body will help nourish your soul and shift the funk… TAKE A WALK (swim, dance, move!) you may wish to go on your own or connect with family and friends. Movement can awaken the soul and put a stop to the downer thoughts AND soul sabotage.
  4. PAUSE IT – Stop the scroll, the comparisons, the made-up stories. Put your phone on air flight mode or better still switch it off. Treat yourself to a screen-time time-out. Everyone will be ok – the scroll will still be there – the real connections WILL wait for you AND still love you too!
  5. MEDITATE ON IT – find some stillness, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, visualise a colour or form a “I am enough mantra” to try and shift the funk/sabotage. Remind yourself you have “nothing else to do and nowhere else to be” and try to really believe it. There is so much productivity to be gained by taking time to connect to you and your higher self.

      Treat yourself to a FREE Gumboots By The Sea meditation HERE

  1. INVEST IN IT (invest in YOU!) – Take time to invest in something for you – treat yourself to energy healing, grab a massage, head to the hairdressers, have a facial, join a like-minded community group (an online one like GBTS: Moon Magic really IS magic) Take some time to work through whatever it is your soul really needs so that you can shift perspective and breathe easily again

As well as energy healing and Moon Magic, Gumboots By The Sea offers amazing self and soul support in Trust in YOU Trust in SOUL an online meditation and soul growth course – 6 weeks of bliss and connection, the fourth round begins October 29th 2018.

  1. ASK FOR IT – It’s safe to get a friend to come over to snuggle your baby while you take a shower, it’s ok to take that day off work and ask for the support – you are NOT failing if you need a break!
  2. HONOUR IT – Honour where you are at and how you’re feeling, recognise the sabotage – shift  the perspective, be kind to you…it’s ok to give yourself a timeout, allow the washing to pile up, to just be, it’s ok if you can’t make the obligatory event – it IS safe to say NO.
  3. CREATE IT – Draw, dance, garden, paint, scrapbook (do people still scrapbook?), write, do WHATEVER fills YOUR cup and lights YOU up. It’s safe to prioritise an hour or two for you and to do something that sparks YOUR creativity.
  4. CLEANSE IT – Nothing like a refreshing shower or sage burning to release the negative mind chatter! Grab some sage, and smudge it out! You may like to visit Lucy Moon Co.   and  Tree Fox (two of my fav soul businesses!) for all the cleansing, nourishing and self care magic to help you cleanse and release!
  5. SHARE IT – sometimes helping and doing something for others in need is a wonderful self-care practise! Do something (that lights you up!) for someone else –and see how it can fill your own cup! Who in your family, friendship circle or community could really use a helping hand or hug right now?

Which things can you start doing for YOU now? How can create space for more self care and less soul sabotage?

Are YOU ready to prioritise you? I am and I’m here to support you too.

Love Kate X

Enjoy this BLOG?  Help others prevent the soul sabotage and spread the love by forwarding this to your favourite people. XXXX
Choose to _Soul Fuel_ not to _Soul Sabotage_


New-Moon Feels…Release, Reset, Be.

It is the eve of the New-Moon and I’m so ready for the cleansing energy that comes with the beginning of each cycle! Every new-moon I am able to release and renew by taking some time to connect with spirit and set my personal and business new-moon intentions.

The new-moon also means I get to support many inspiring women to set their personal and biz intentions to achieve their dreams too through offering GBTS: Moon Magic and individual Moon Mentoring!

While I use the new moon to give thanks for “all that is” I also use it to set intentions and as gentle reminder to move forward as I honour all the stages that make me – me.

For many of us, the new moon is a reminder that it’s safe to start again – to start fresh and to clearly articulate what it is we wish to achieve. If you’ve been following Gumboots By The Sea for a while now you probably already know about my love for using the moon to set intentions. You can find out how and why I started setting New Moon Intentions over five years ago HERE in an article I shared in Badassery Mag earlier this year.

The new moon is also a timely opportunity to release and break patterns/habits that you may feel are holding you back. To help do this, I always (safely) burn last cycles intentions and spend some time meditating and journaling.

If you’re looking for support in doing this (and experiencing REAL spirit led change)  take a closer look at MOON MAGIC and individual MOON MENTORING.  I would love to support you and journey through this moon cycle with you.

Obviously, I would LOVE for you to join us for Moon Magic, or reach out for individual Moon Mentoring sessions but at the very least I encourage you to take some time to set some intentions this new-moon for YOU.

Make space for YOU this new moon beauty, allow it to help you achieve, celebrate and be ALL that you are.

Yours in Inner-peace and Empowerment,

Love Kate X

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Angel numbers and finding (more) simple ways to connect…

There are SO many ways to tune in and connect to spirit and to the specific messages and guidance that is offered to you from the spirit world. Angel numbers play a significant part in my personal life as I tune in and “read” particular number patterns and receive messages from my spiritual guides throughout the day.

Do you use numerology or angel numbers to connect with spirit?

I have beautiful boss babe besties who use angel numbers to set business/soul intentions and soul sisters who tune in regularly to receive motivating messages from their angels.

I was delighted when I went to make a note about writing this “angel number blog” and it was the 111th note in my phone notes! For those who already connect with or communicate with angel numbers you would know that 111 is one of the most powerful angel numbers and it can send a strong message of ideas manifesting quickly and asks you to pay attention/wake up, connect spiritually AND listen to the messages of your angels.

The prompt to write this particular blog came from my daughter Eden, we were playing a meditation on insight timer and I realised she was watching the timer count down…

Mum I’m just watching the numbers count down and waiting for my favourite numbers – I love watching…555 444…333 and look mum here comes my most favourite 111.

My heart skipped.

These are special numbers Edee. I believe that number patterns and sequences are here to bring messages from your angels.

 oh yes they really do mum, she replied! 111 makes me feel safe and strong! 😱

Angel numbers are an amazing way to connect in and trust in spirit. I had a really special experience over the weekend, when a celebrant hiccup – nine hours from home -meant I needed to find another celebrant for some help. Naturally, I called in spirit for support – the number 636 appeared on the CAPTCHA of an enquiry form I needed to send and I instantly knew that this number was letting me know that all was going to work out perfectly.

I’m still a novice when it comes to knowing ALL the angel number’s individual messages, and will usually trust in my intuition and channel a message – a quick google search revealed the extra reassurance I required in that particular moment. 636 – offered loads of wisdom but the main message that really spoke to me was

  “…all will work out to your benefit and highest good” and of course…IT DID!

Read more about this number and many more HERE

Where/how do you connect with angel numbers??

What are the numbers are speaking to you now?

I always love hearing from you!

Love Kate X

sign, symbols and synchronicities… (1)

Choose Love…

Happy Equinox beautiful souls! I’m sending spring blessings from this part of the world! I am lucky enough to be away and enjoying a special family holiday.


I always love the opportunity to mix up our weekly routine and while some would choose not to bring their work with them, it’s a gift that I am able to be honouring my soul’s call while taking in various gardens, enjoying spring days and sneaking in some naps (and delicious food!) along the way.


It really is amazing what some time out/away can do for the soul.


Tuning into the unpredictable messages of the different environment, trusting that I am always in exactly the right place, knowing that I am ready to receive whatever messages spirit has to offer me, always keeps me spiritually enlightened and feeling empowered.


This morning while Silas and the girls went picking wild mulberries, I had a chance to sit with the morning sun and journal. What a beautiful way to welcome and honour Spring Equinox. I had thought I would write a blog sharing some spring rituals, however, it seems that will have to wait for another week as this week spirit had a stronger and far simpler message…


The message of love.


To choose and be and always default to LOVE.


I know it’s so cliché to say “love is all your need” but take a moment (just as I did this morning) to imagine if we all lived as if it really was all we need…because maybe just maybe it can be.


If love was our default. If love was used to care for us and others, always!  If it was used when we are feeling low or frustrated. Used when we are feeling broken or used to help someone else when they are suffering. If we could always give love, reply with love, from love, for love. Just love. More love. All the love.


It’s likely I am so open to receiving such energies and messages of love because yesterday we celebrated Silas’ Grandmothers 90th birthday, perhaps, it’s because on Saturday I will be performing my forth marriage ceremony within one month, celebration, after all, is an excellent place to celebrate, be and feel LOVE…


I feel it more likely that given it is equinox I need to simply accept my gifts as a spiritual guide and keep sharing the messages I receive no matter how simple, clichéd or obvious – just as I encourage you to share your messages too!


From this place of pure love, for self and others, we are able to keep trusting that all of the messages that we receive ARE right and that they are finding whoever they need to find at exactly the right time.


It seems I had a spring ritual for you after all…


Take a moment for you. Take yourself outside at sunrise/sunset. Take your journal.


Say to yourself –

There is so much love within me, for me and for the rest of the world.

Find a moment of stillness. Tune into the powerful energy of this love, feel your bare feet/body on the earth beneath you. Take in the energies of the earth, connect to the love that Gaia and spirit sends to you. When you feel this love allow your body to move, to F L O W. Trust that from this space of love that messages are being sent to you, messages you can share, grab your journal and take some time to write – see what you have to say from this space of love.

How does this love change things for you?  How can this love move through you?

As you close your ritual consider – How are you choosing love? To love yourself and others – whole heartedly – no matter what and forever more?



Love Kate X

I choose love



What do you REALLY desire?

Have you ever disguised your wishes and dreams as jokes?

What if those jokes were actually deep desires?

What if the dreams you were joking about could become your reality?

While I really didn’t know it at the time, I disguised my biggest dreams and desires as jokes for many years.

Before Eden was born I would joke about returning to the old farm house becoming an oracle card reader (I never in a million years thought this joke would become a reality!).

Prior to Eden’s arrival and our move back to the country, my deck was never far away when friends would drop by for a mid-week tea or Friday drinkie. When they thanked me for their reading, I would always say “imagine if I could do this as my work” and laugh outrageously.

My return home quickly revealed to me that I was disguising my deepest desire as a joke…

Not long after creating Gumboots By The Sea, I was working as a casual teacher, one day a week. I found myself “joking” with a teacher about me likely needing some teaching work because as I can’t make a living out of cards readings and meditations…I think my exact words were “meditation classes can’t pay a mortgage” with a massive laugh afterwards. Eeeeeeeep, I left the staffroom feeling really sick – I knew that the joke was actually my deepest desire. This is where things REALLY changed for me and…

I haven’t worked as a casual teacher since.

I was literally kidding MYSELF. I realised that every “joke” was causing me harm, I felt like I was letting my soul down. I made a choice to no longer disregard what I really wanted to do. I decided it was time to speak clearly about how I really wanted to live and no longer joke about it.  I completely resigned from the department of education and have not looked back. I “came out” of the spiritual closet and have lived heart and soul led since.

Choosing to commit to my soul’s call has not been easy BUT I have learnt that it’s not easy doing what doesn’t light you up either. The jokes were my soul begging me to live in true soul alignment. I was joking about things that actually mattered – I wasn’t showing up as my true and authentic self.

I no longer need to joke as my wishes to live a heart and soul led life ensures there is only room for action that serves me. BUT when I do find myself “joking” about owning a helicopter one day, I do check in and see what it is I really desire and start planning how I can make it a reality…because it IS still safe to think big, dream big and even joke… as long as I’m doing it FOR me and in true alignment of my heart and soul’s desires.

Some of the best advice I was ever given was just to start…don’t wait for the life changing experience to start validating your dreams and make them a reality…you deserve to be living the life you desire.

The choice IS yours and it’s safe to start now.

A GBTS EMPOWERMENT session has seen many soul’s begin creating, start businesses, end toxic relationships and start travelling! If you’re feeling the pull, book your October session TODAY.

Love Kate X

Connect with your people (1)

Quality Friendships Create Quality Self-Care


Quality friendships really have the power to fill our cups and I am so blessed to have many beautiful friends in my life.


Connecting with people is something that has always come naturally to me and taking the time to speak with my friends, see them, catch up with them is certainly part of my “self-care plan”.


The best thing about friendships is that they really don’t have to be complicated. Often our connections are broken due to an inner dialogue which sabotages your genuine connections and the opportunity for true love and openness with others.


Call in your people, sit and have tea, just be with them – as one. Some of your deepest connections may exist in the tiny squares of Instagram, others may be life time friends. A friend may be someone you have recently met and connected with, a sister, your aunty. Sometimes taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that you are worthy of quality friendships and connections is all you need to do to find and connect again.


Trust that all the people in your life are exactly the people that need to be in your world right now. If you are feeling alone or isolated, trust that there’s a someone special who is ready to love and support you unconditionally – sometimes all you have to do it ask.


Love Kate X

Connect with your people

Spiritual Connection and believing in YOU…

I’m certain anyone on their spiritual journey will agree – that a spiritual “rising” is not all rainbows and fairy dust and it’s often hard to not question the journey or to see that the dark and intense lessons are indeed working WITH or FOR you.

The beginning of Spring is a beautiful reminder that from the dark winter comes a warm and beautiful time, it’s the perfect time to know that now is a beautiful time to start trusting in and believing in…Y O U!

Believe in and own YOUR story! Trust how you’re feeling about whatever is coming up for you and in the messages you’re receiving – however they arise.  Spiritual or not, within you sits YOUR magic and it’s time for you to bloom from within.

Whatever you’re moving with or working through IS right for the moment and if you feel drawn to connect with and call on spirit to support you, know that, you are being supported and it is safe to ask for specific support.

Spring is a timely reminder to be grateful and take time to have gratitude for what you have. It is OK to know that you are allowed to express you hearts and soul’s deepest desires and to work towards what you want and need to move forward. Know that whatever you’re asking for will come to fruition if/when it is in true alignment with your heart and soul’s purpose. As dark as the days may become/be feeling, believe that all IS working out for your highest good, have the confidence to use and follow your intuition, your inner voice, your inner wisdom – have the confidence to be kind to you.

Having the confidence to trust and also being able to share your dreams and desires helps us to be thankful for exactly how our life is right now. Take some time to come into the moment, give thanks for what you do have but also know it’s safe to really honour how you’re feeling and where you want to be/go…

Lean into sprit, believe in YOU,  trust in your path and boldly believe that you’re exactly where you need to be.

It’s safe to tune in, it’s safe to trust, it’s safe to use YOUR ability to connect.

I promise you, the rewards are incredible!

I’m here tuning in, using my intuition and working with spirit to help you believe in and work with YOURS…

Love Kate X