An intuitive reader, published author and energy healer. I am here to connect to source, speak to spirit and spiritually support YOU.

I was first gifted a deck of oracle cards fifteen years ago. I felt pure excitement as I started shuffling the cards and tuning in. My career as a high school teacher started shortly after.  I loved teaching, connecting with students and sharing skills and lessons that went beyond the textbook.  Most importantly though, I loved encouraging and empowering those people I met to trust in themselves. I was always promising them that we each have unique powers to help us live out our best and most fulfilled lives.

Numerous years and card readings followed together with overseas trips, marriage and a whole lot of city fun.  Then I had my two glorious and spirited girls.  I often joked with friends that my real dream was to help people connect to their own power through channelling messages from spirit and reading oracle cards.

Raising my daughters in the country has given me the time and space, and my sister’s frightening health scare gave me the passion, to finally birth “Gumboots by the Sea”.  “Gumboots by the Sea” is a place of love and healing, a place for me to help women connect to their own self-power and to trust in the powers of spirit to do so. Why? Because, I knew it was time for me to stop limiting my own dreams and start living out my true desires.  Because I have a gift, and my soul purpose is to use it to help women rise and step into their own individual power.

You are so welcome here! Enjoy exploring my offerings, book in for an online healing or empowerment session, check out my courses, marvel at the moon magic opportunities, devour my honest blogs.  Sign up for the freebies and know that I’m here to help YOU shine and follow your heart’s true desires.

Love Kate X