Divinely Guided

Spirit has a beautiful way of sending messages our way and today mine came via a photograph that two beautiful women shared with me. They each sent me a picture of them with their copies of Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit, they were both sitting on the rocks, at the beach, where the photo on the Gypsy cover was taken.

A warm knowing washed over me, just as it did the moment the photograph was birthed. So today, I was reminded that it was time to share the magic of this story.

There was no plan for Gypsy’s cover, I hadn’t even finished her poems, on a warm winter’s afternoon found me at the beach my hair dancing in the wind, was captured by accident as Gypsy cackled, insisting that my accidental finger slip will create a beautiful divine dance and would feature as my second’s book cover.

Meditation and connecting to my heart space reminds me to trust that it is safe to live in this place of trust and connection with spirit. It helps me stay in a place of alignment and flow.

We are human beings doing our best, at times flowing and feeling in alignment can feel near impossible but my goodness when we are about to flow…it really IS so very magic.

The Poems to a Wild Gypsy cover is the perfect example of this.

The day I snapped this picture of my hair, I had driven down to the beach to complete the final step in an “abundance spell” – A spell for flowing prosperity. I remember battling with the final step of the spell, which was to throw a coin in to the ocean to spread the blessing. There was such flow in the preparation and setting up of this spell, so, despite my logical mind struggling with justifying the fuel AND the throwing of money into the ocean (it had been a tough month financially!) I knew that this wasn’t time to resist the final instruction. I knew this spell was going to support my trust in a change of financial circumstances AND it did.

What the moment down at the beach did most of all was connect me with the wildness within, I stood on the rocks and I made my request for abundance. I listened as my Wild Gypsy assured me that ALL was working out exactly as it needed too.

Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit has been the beginning of some amazing abundance but most importantly she has been the birth of new beginnings and new “ways” of working, giving and caring for me (and of course others!).

Whatever it is you may be trying to birth, a creative project, plans to relocate or travel, the actual conception of a child, trust that when you call on your higher power (however that presents to you) you WILL be supported in unimaginable ways.

Remember, when things are meant to happen, they will. You will receive all you need, exactly when you need, so keep trusting, flowing, being.

Yours in inner-peace and empowerment,

Love Kate

PS Still need a copy of Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit OR maybe you’d like to read Letters to a Tibetan Monk – grab your copies here.


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