Bye Bye Soul Sabotage…Hello Self Love!

Soul Sabotage – are you familiar with it?

It’s the inner dialogue that keeps us small, gets in the way of our soul growth, our spiritual rising. It prevents us from making healthy choices, the choices that support us to own and use our story, for our greater good. It stops us from celebrating ALL of us,  who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Soul sabotages stops the flow, the abundance, the happiness. It’s fuelled by comparison,

assumption, H A T E (possibly just for self!) resentment AND judgement.

Few people live without soul sabotage so if you can relate to any of the above please be kind to yourself, being upset or hard on yourself will only feed more soul sabotage. Really, there’s nothing you can do other than accept it, acknowledge it and try to prevent it. One of the best ways to calm it by placing peace between you and any issue and making love your default.

To quote my co-host Sherrie from our Creative Spirits Podcast “It’s as easy and difficult as that”.

Can you really just flick a switch and change a channel?

Yes! No? Maybe!

Do we?

Not often…

My secret to preventing soul-sabotage…



It’s true, when we care for ourselves, we nurture our soul and we prioritise/honour what we need. We are able to do less soul-sabotaging and more soul-fuelling.

Today I’m sharing 11 Gumboots By The Sea ways we can return to self and stop the soul sabotage…

  1. SPEAK IT – speak to a loved one, your partner, bestie, sister, soulie…don’t worry if you feel silly saying it out loud (that’s just more sabotage) – give it a go and feel into the support! If you feel like no one wants to listen to you (MORE sabotage) I promise there is someone that does. Trust you can call on your people/person to help shift the negative mind chatter and start believing in you.
  2. WRITE IT – Not quite sure **what** it is that’s making you crap on yourself and soul? Take pen to paper and write it out. Journal, make a list, doodle, see what the pen has to say, there’s a message in it – I’m certain.
  3. SHIFT IT – Physically moving your body will help nourish your soul and shift the funk… TAKE A WALK (swim, dance, move!) you may wish to go on your own or connect with family and friends. Movement can awaken the soul and put a stop to the downer thoughts AND soul sabotage.
  4. PAUSE IT – Stop the scroll, the comparisons, the made-up stories. Put your phone on air flight mode or better still switch it off. Treat yourself to a screen-time time-out. Everyone will be ok – the scroll will still be there – the real connections WILL wait for you AND still love you too!
  5. MEDITATE ON IT – find some stillness, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, visualise a colour or form a “I am enough mantra” to try and shift the funk/sabotage. Remind yourself you have “nothing else to do and nowhere else to be” and try to really believe it. There is so much productivity to be gained by taking time to connect to you and your higher self.

      Treat yourself to a FREE Gumboots By The Sea meditation HERE

  1. INVEST IN IT (invest in YOU!) – Take time to invest in something for you – treat yourself to energy healing, grab a massage, head to the hairdressers, have a facial, join a like-minded community group (an online one like GBTS: Moon Magic really IS magic) Take some time to work through whatever it is your soul really needs so that you can shift perspective and breathe easily again

As well as energy healing and Moon Magic, Gumboots By The Sea offers amazing self and soul support in Trust in YOU Trust in SOUL an online meditation and soul growth course – 6 weeks of bliss and connection, the fourth round begins October 29th 2018.

  1. ASK FOR IT – It’s safe to get a friend to come over to snuggle your baby while you take a shower, it’s ok to take that day off work and ask for the support – you are NOT failing if you need a break!
  2. HONOUR IT – Honour where you are at and how you’re feeling, recognise the sabotage – shift  the perspective, be kind to you…it’s ok to give yourself a timeout, allow the washing to pile up, to just be, it’s ok if you can’t make the obligatory event – it IS safe to say NO.
  3. CREATE IT – Draw, dance, garden, paint, scrapbook (do people still scrapbook?), write, do WHATEVER fills YOUR cup and lights YOU up. It’s safe to prioritise an hour or two for you and to do something that sparks YOUR creativity.
  4. CLEANSE IT – Nothing like a refreshing shower or sage burning to release the negative mind chatter! Grab some sage, and smudge it out! You may like to visit Lucy Moon Co.   and  Tree Fox (two of my fav soul businesses!) for all the cleansing, nourishing and self care magic to help you cleanse and release!
  5. SHARE IT – sometimes helping and doing something for others in need is a wonderful self-care practise! Do something (that lights you up!) for someone else –and see how it can fill your own cup! Who in your family, friendship circle or community could really use a helping hand or hug right now?

Which things can you start doing for YOU now? How can create space for more self care and less soul sabotage?

Are YOU ready to prioritise you? I am and I’m here to support you too.

Love Kate X

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Choose to _Soul Fuel_ not to _Soul Sabotage_


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