Angel numbers and finding (more) simple ways to connect…

There are SO many ways to tune in and connect to spirit and to the specific messages and guidance that is offered to you from the spirit world. Angel numbers play a significant part in my personal life as I tune in and “read” particular number patterns and receive messages from my spiritual guides throughout the day.

Do you use numerology or angel numbers to connect with spirit?

I have beautiful boss babe besties who use angel numbers to set business/soul intentions and soul sisters who tune in regularly to receive motivating messages from their angels.

I was delighted when I went to make a note about writing this “angel number blog” and it was the 111th note in my phone notes! For those who already connect with or communicate with angel numbers you would know that 111 is one of the most powerful angel numbers and it can send a strong message of ideas manifesting quickly and asks you to pay attention/wake up, connect spiritually AND listen to the messages of your angels.

The prompt to write this particular blog came from my daughter Eden, we were playing a meditation on insight timer and I realised she was watching the timer count down…

Mum I’m just watching the numbers count down and waiting for my favourite numbers – I love watching…555 444…333 and look mum here comes my most favourite 111.

My heart skipped.

These are special numbers Edee. I believe that number patterns and sequences are here to bring messages from your angels.

 oh yes they really do mum, she replied! 111 makes me feel safe and strong! 😱

Angel numbers are an amazing way to connect in and trust in spirit. I had a really special experience over the weekend, when a celebrant hiccup – nine hours from home -meant I needed to find another celebrant for some help. Naturally, I called in spirit for support – the number 636 appeared on the CAPTCHA of an enquiry form I needed to send and I instantly knew that this number was letting me know that all was going to work out perfectly.

I’m still a novice when it comes to knowing ALL the angel number’s individual messages, and will usually trust in my intuition and channel a message – a quick google search revealed the extra reassurance I required in that particular moment. 636 – offered loads of wisdom but the main message that really spoke to me was

  “…all will work out to your benefit and highest good” and of course…IT DID!

Read more about this number and many more HERE

Where/how do you connect with angel numbers??

What are the numbers are speaking to you now?

I always love hearing from you!

Love Kate X

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