Choose Love…

Happy Equinox beautiful souls! I’m sending spring blessings from this part of the world! I am lucky enough to be away and enjoying a special family holiday.


I always love the opportunity to mix up our weekly routine and while some would choose not to bring their work with them, it’s a gift that I am able to be honouring my soul’s call while taking in various gardens, enjoying spring days and sneaking in some naps (and delicious food!) along the way.


It really is amazing what some time out/away can do for the soul.


Tuning into the unpredictable messages of the different environment, trusting that I am always in exactly the right place, knowing that I am ready to receive whatever messages spirit has to offer me, always keeps me spiritually enlightened and feeling empowered.


This morning while Silas and the girls went picking wild mulberries, I had a chance to sit with the morning sun and journal. What a beautiful way to welcome and honour Spring Equinox. I had thought I would write a blog sharing some spring rituals, however, it seems that will have to wait for another week as this week spirit had a stronger and far simpler message…


The message of love.


To choose and be and always default to LOVE.


I know it’s so cliché to say “love is all your need” but take a moment (just as I did this morning) to imagine if we all lived as if it really was all we need…because maybe just maybe it can be.


If love was our default. If love was used to care for us and others, always!  If it was used when we are feeling low or frustrated. Used when we are feeling broken or used to help someone else when they are suffering. If we could always give love, reply with love, from love, for love. Just love. More love. All the love.


It’s likely I am so open to receiving such energies and messages of love because yesterday we celebrated Silas’ Grandmothers 90th birthday, perhaps, it’s because on Saturday I will be performing my forth marriage ceremony within one month, celebration, after all, is an excellent place to celebrate, be and feel LOVE…


I feel it more likely that given it is equinox I need to simply accept my gifts as a spiritual guide and keep sharing the messages I receive no matter how simple, clichéd or obvious – just as I encourage you to share your messages too!


From this place of pure love, for self and others, we are able to keep trusting that all of the messages that we receive ARE right and that they are finding whoever they need to find at exactly the right time.


It seems I had a spring ritual for you after all…


Take a moment for you. Take yourself outside at sunrise/sunset. Take your journal.


Say to yourself –

There is so much love within me, for me and for the rest of the world.

Find a moment of stillness. Tune into the powerful energy of this love, feel your bare feet/body on the earth beneath you. Take in the energies of the earth, connect to the love that Gaia and spirit sends to you. When you feel this love allow your body to move, to F L O W. Trust that from this space of love that messages are being sent to you, messages you can share, grab your journal and take some time to write – see what you have to say from this space of love.

How does this love change things for you?  How can this love move through you?

As you close your ritual consider – How are you choosing love? To love yourself and others – whole heartedly – no matter what and forever more?



Love Kate X

I choose love



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