What do you REALLY desire?

Have you ever disguised your wishes and dreams as jokes?

What if those jokes were actually deep desires?

What if the dreams you were joking about could become your reality?

While I really didn’t know it at the time, I disguised my biggest dreams and desires as jokes for many years.

Before Eden was born I would joke about returning to the old farm house becoming an oracle card reader (I never in a million years thought this joke would become a reality!).

Prior to Eden’s arrival and our move back to the country, my deck was never far away when friends would drop by for a mid-week tea or Friday drinkie. When they thanked me for their reading, I would always say “imagine if I could do this as my work” and laugh outrageously.

My return home quickly revealed to me that I was disguising my deepest desire as a joke…

Not long after creating Gumboots By The Sea, I was working as a casual teacher, one day a week. I found myself “joking” with a teacher about me likely needing some teaching work because as I can’t make a living out of cards readings and meditations…I think my exact words were “meditation classes can’t pay a mortgage” with a massive laugh afterwards. Eeeeeeeep, I left the staffroom feeling really sick – I knew that the joke was actually my deepest desire. This is where things REALLY changed for me and…

I haven’t worked as a casual teacher since.

I was literally kidding MYSELF. I realised that every “joke” was causing me harm, I felt like I was letting my soul down. I made a choice to no longer disregard what I really wanted to do. I decided it was time to speak clearly about how I really wanted to live and no longer joke about it.  I completely resigned from the department of education and have not looked back. I “came out” of the spiritual closet and have lived heart and soul led since.

Choosing to commit to my soul’s call has not been easy BUT I have learnt that it’s not easy doing what doesn’t light you up either. The jokes were my soul begging me to live in true soul alignment. I was joking about things that actually mattered – I wasn’t showing up as my true and authentic self.

I no longer need to joke as my wishes to live a heart and soul led life ensures there is only room for action that serves me. BUT when I do find myself “joking” about owning a helicopter one day, I do check in and see what it is I really desire and start planning how I can make it a reality…because it IS still safe to think big, dream big and even joke… as long as I’m doing it FOR me and in true alignment of my heart and soul’s desires.

Some of the best advice I was ever given was just to start…don’t wait for the life changing experience to start validating your dreams and make them a reality…you deserve to be living the life you desire.

The choice IS yours and it’s safe to start now.

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Love Kate X

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