Spiritual Connection and believing in YOU…

I’m certain anyone on their spiritual journey will agree – that a spiritual “rising” is not all rainbows and fairy dust and it’s often hard to not question the journey or to see that the dark and intense lessons are indeed working WITH or FOR you.

The beginning of Spring is a beautiful reminder that from the dark winter comes a warm and beautiful time, it’s the perfect time to know that now is a beautiful time to start trusting in and believing in…Y O U!

Believe in and own YOUR story! Trust how you’re feeling about whatever is coming up for you and in the messages you’re receiving – however they arise.  Spiritual or not, within you sits YOUR magic and it’s time for you to bloom from within.

Whatever you’re moving with or working through IS right for the moment and if you feel drawn to connect with and call on spirit to support you, know that, you are being supported and it is safe to ask for specific support.

Spring is a timely reminder to be grateful and take time to have gratitude for what you have. It is OK to know that you are allowed to express you hearts and soul’s deepest desires and to work towards what you want and need to move forward. Know that whatever you’re asking for will come to fruition if/when it is in true alignment with your heart and soul’s purpose. As dark as the days may become/be feeling, believe that all IS working out for your highest good, have the confidence to use and follow your intuition, your inner voice, your inner wisdom – have the confidence to be kind to you.

Having the confidence to trust and also being able to share your dreams and desires helps us to be thankful for exactly how our life is right now. Take some time to come into the moment, give thanks for what you do have but also know it’s safe to really honour how you’re feeling and where you want to be/go…

Lean into sprit, believe in YOU,  trust in your path and boldly believe that you’re exactly where you need to be.

It’s safe to tune in, it’s safe to trust, it’s safe to use YOUR ability to connect.

I promise you, the rewards are incredible!

I’m here tuning in, using my intuition and working with spirit to help you believe in and work with YOURS…

Love Kate X



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