Gumboots By The Sea – Inner Peace and Empowerment

During some recent journaling, the words Inner-Peace and Empowerment danced across my journal and prompted a very sudden and unexpected change in my business tagline. One that feels so very right…

 Gumboots By The Sea – Inner Peace and Empowerment.

 For me this subtle change brings so much strength.

This change has provided a powerful energetic shift for me and my business. These specific words have been with me all along, but I see now, that they need to be shared with the world. This tagline is so perfect for Kate Darnell the writer, founder, channel, guide of Gumboots By The Sea and there’s a chance that they will give greater insight into how I can help you too.

Inner Peace

Creating a regular Meditation practise to gain inner peace has transformed my life. Meditation provides me with my strongest connection to spirit, it is where my sound and energy healing sessions were birthed and is what prompted me trusting in my own healing process and personal journey of “finding myself” and feeling truly awakened spiritually.

Committing to daily meditation and making space and time for myself birthed a true spiritual awakening. Putting peace between me and any issue transformed the way I do life. For me personally, a simple breath, a pause, some forgiveness, a shift in perspective is all made better with a channelled/guided meditation process. I love that I can offer this to you through personalised channelled messages, meditation, energy healing and empowerment sessions.


I believe that Empowered people bring real change to our world. We ALL have a story that can shape the way we choose to move through our life. I have always been a positive person and my default will be to always find a way to lift a person up. That’s not to say I won’t sit with someone in the darkness, in their pain (or in my own), it’s just become so clear to me that it is embedded in my soul to bring light, hope and joy into people’s lives.

In recent years, I have done a lot of past life, present day and archetypal work on why I am so positive (HA! Is that a thing???) and it always comes back to rising from the darkness and having a deep knowing and understanding within my soul, that a smile, a kind heart, some faith and trust makes us feel better, helps us to feel inspired, hopeful – helps us to keep going – to be focused – to be ready to live out our soul’s journey, our deepest heart’s desires.

Moving through our grief and heaviness and not away from it means that we can own our story and allow hardships to be a part of who we are. The pain can motivate us, it will support us and even serve us as we move forward in a way that works for us, when we need it to. I have a deep desire and determination to, rise you up and help you become your biggest fan – to help you believe in YOU. To empower you.

“Inner peace and Empowerment” perfectly captures what I offer in my sessions. Through connecting with my place of peace, and help you connect to yours, I am able to empowerment you to trust in and find their own positive light and self-belief.

I rise to help you rise. Together we rise.

Here’s a moment for you now –

Take an intentional breath, go to a tranquil place of peace, tune into your heart’s desire. Here in this place of peace, know that you have the strength, power and spirit to go and be ALL of that you truly desire.

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Yours in inner peace and empowerment,

Love Kate X

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