Hibernating…for a little longer…

Despite Spring getting closer (on this side of the world) it seems spirit is guiding me to hibernate just a little longer.

Anyone else?

When I got the Spiritual Call to finalise and publish Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit, I knew that by ignoring the gentle hum, I would be doing a disservice to self and to soul. I got her ready and during the editing process, I added a couple of new poems and enjoyed reflecting on how far my soul had come since I put pen paper and wrote the first Gypsy poem a little over two years ago. So much growth, so much more trust in self. At the time, I didn’t even know that the poems were for Gypsy (for each of us).

As a self-publisher I have the flexibility of setting my own deadlines (which can absolutely be a pro and con). As I have shared with most of my Gumboots By The Sea community, I used the moon cycles to set intentions and to prepare my second book. I Poems to a Gypsy Spirit so ready that Sherrie and I “Launched” her with a Podcast last week, I read three poems and talked about the self-publishing process – I’m sharing the link for the first time HERE because I feel guided to include a little explanation…

When you take a listen, you’ll hear me confidently tell Sherrie that Gypsy is ready for purchase…the only problem is…she isn’t…#whoops. For reasons beyond my control and ones that are certainly meant to be, I had some back and forwarding with edits and cover hiccups #nevermind…It just means the real “buy here” launch has been stalled by a few more days…#patience Kate because –

There’s time, there’s time, there’s time…Gypsy whispers, while wildly dancing under the stars.

I feel certain that this has been a test to make sure that I walk my talk, to let go of the outcome, to surrender the process and know that Gypsy will be available when she needs to be.

For now, I continue to hibernate, enjoy tea by the fireplace, journaling AND begin writing the third instalment to the Monk – Gypsy – Healer trilogy! Exciting times!

What’s calling you? What is something you’re feeling guided to do? What’s something stopping you from starting? Do you need to hibernate a little longer?

If you’re feeling ready but can’t quite find the moment to start/trust, my healing and empowerment sessions are here to support you. Each unique session is intuitively guided to allow you to find the inner-peace and honour your soul’s journey.

Each session provides a clarity and focus that is spirit led. They help you let go of the outcome. They help you “be to become”.

I hope to connect with you soon. I’m certain I’ll be back to share how you can meet Gypsy soon too.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Love Kate X


Bloom when it works for you…#gumbootsbythesea #innerpeaceandempowerment

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