Your body speaks…

In last week’s Gumboots Magic newsletter, I wrote about the power of tuning into and listening to our bodies as a powerful way to connect to – US.

It sounds obvious but how many of us need reminding to sit still, tune in and to slow down, so that we can honour what our body, soul and spirit, really needs.

Tuning into our bodies and using them as a spiritual tool to listen to the messages of what our soul needs is a simple and effective way to priorities your needs and hearts desires.

Often in my healing sessions body discomfort will communicate the clearest of messages. Spirit usually has a thing or two to say as to what your body, mind, soul need to bring harmony, balance and good health back into our world.

It’s fitting that I share this blog close to the anniversary of Louise Hay’s death. A women who lived a long, healthy and prosperous life, she was the leading light of sharing affirmations and the spiritual meanings behind how the dis-ease in our bodies can be healed with spiritual support, a positive mindset and a shift in perspective.

While Louise Hay’s legacy offers an excellent starting point for us to heal our body I like for us to go a little deeper in my spiritual healing and empowerment sessions. I believe that some of the best spiritual and whole-body healing comes when we have the courage to really go within and look for the deeper meaning that spirit is asking us to discover.

I’m keen to facilitate the growth that is birthed in the dark, the hard the icky – what is it we are really fearing, what triggers are we ignoring? Really visiting the underlying causes of the pain or darkness means that we can release (or integrate) the burdens of our past (in this life or others) and move forward as the resolute warriors we all are.

Doing what is right for US. Trusting in us…

Trusting in ourselves, our abilities to intuit our needs by tuning into our bodies is an excellent way to communicate our hearts desires.

Tune into your precious physical body today – what does it need, what is it communicating to you, how can you nurture it, give back to you so that your soul and spirit can be nourish, balanced and healed.

Be kind to YOU, beautiful soul. You deserve it.

Love Kate X



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