Giving and Receiving – More Me Time.

We hear it all the time “you can’t give from an empty cup” but hearing it and living it are two completely different things.

This is a huge reoccurring lesson for me…the one of saying no. It’s so easy to suggest to people that they put themselves first but when it comes to walking my own talk, I still get challenged when it comes to completely prioritising my needs and saying no.

Lately I have been saying – No.

As hard as it has been for me to say (despite it always being spirit led) saying no really has opened up a whole new world of love, connection and creative success and I wanted to let you know that you can say no too…

There’s a huge irony going on here – while I have been having these “say no” experiences and realising that I have not in fact “mastered” the art of saying no, I finally found the courage to stop procrastinating and get Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit ready to share with the world (she is literally only days away!). Poems to a Wild Gypsy Spirit is all about the death of the people pleaser and the rising of a women who does FOR her…she is bold, courageous, confident, she is ready! Gypsy is compassionate and loving, she will continue to give to the world but NOT to her own detriment. Gypsy can say no!

After a meditation in the sun over the weekend, it finally dawned on me, I realised just how much of “me” I have been giving lately. I can see that while it is ok for to give with an open heart (especially when it feels in true alignment with who I am)  I must be prepared to give all that (and a little bit more) back to me – it’s time to bring balance into all the giving I do for others and safely enjoy giving back to myself.

By doing this, I  have been gifted such clarity, as I can clearly see that resting doesn’t mean you need to stop or to give up – I spiritually can’t – I won’t…I really believe that I have so much to give BUT – I see now that, it is only until I really stop for me and give back to me, as equally as I’m giving to others, that I will be able to continue to give more, share more, be (even) more!

Watch this space Gumboots Beauties…as I continue to work this giving and receiving thing out (and rest and take time for me). I can see that it is creating MORE opportunities for me to be all of me and share my words, spiritual guidance and meditation magic with the world in even more ways.

My heart is sure that there is a message in this for each of us. As I share these words with my Gumboots community, I have never been more certain that I must share my honest experiences with as many aligned souls as possible.

How are you looking after you today? I’m choosing more sunshine, journal writing (for me!) and sweet chia tea.

Love Kate X


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