Wow – What a Moon

…who didn’t feel her energy?

The beauty?

Experience a connection?

I shared on Instagram that I had grand plans to meet friends and head to a local lookout to view the eclipse on Saturday morning, but spirit had other plans…the covering clouds meant that at 3:45am I could feel her energy but only physically see a vague glimpse of her magic. More sleep (and the comfort of my warm bed and pillow called me), I slept soundly with this message humming around…

“you don’t need to see me to know that I’m there”

So true, it’s safe to trust in and feel the energy…yep, the energy…the change, the opportunity to cleanse to rebirth…taking a moment, this moment to honour what you need, acknowledging the light, the power, the abundance the moon has to offer.

This past week, you only had to scroll social media, mainstream television and  even the local newspaper to know that there was something special going on with the Solar System… and these are just the “external/mainstream messages” separate to this there is also the simple tuning in to the specific energies that present themselves every day…you felt it? You’re feeling it now?

On Saturday evening during the GBTS : M O O N  M A G I C Full Moon check in and meditation call I was reminded just how easily we it is for a collective to have the power to call on the magic of the moon, her consistent sway, her ability to support, to give and I was reminded of our ability to receive, to be open, to create community and spiritually support one another through compassion, kindness and through being physical star-seeds for this planet.

Our world needs more love, Yung Pueblo reminds us when we heal ourselves, we really are healing the world and source reminded me on Saturday evening that each member of Moon Magic, as they invest in their connection to the moon, to self – that they too are opening to shifts and changing that really are, making this world a better place.

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