Calendula and Chamomile, it’s the simple things…

Do aspects of your life seem complicated? Do some things send your mind in a tizz and make you feel as though you’re going to combust?

It’s the simple things (like bright yellow flowers in the garden) that can bring us out of such turmoil and into trust.

Today I wanted to share some simple ways to help you feel magic and connected, so that you can feel like (and really believe in) your capable self.

As always at GBTS this means taking a moment for you. A moment to come into body, to connect to your breath, to send some stardust your own way.

Allow yourself to find a brief moment of stillness. Take an intentional breath. Bring yourself into the present, receive the calm that I am sending your way.

While you are here – ask your soul, your intuition to speak, to lead the way. You may like to tune into guidance. See if you can feel the hum that is within you, ready and waiting to provide messages of support for you, unlike the negative mind chatter that acts as sabotage.

Can you feel it?

Mindfulness and meditation doesn’t have to be scary or complicated. Just as calendula and chamomile wildly grow and naturally heal and calm we too can tame unruly thoughts and allow our own minds to work with us to bring comfort.

Choose to intentionally breathe today, choose to be, choose to tune into you and Gumboots Beauties get ready to – grow, grow, grow.

Love Kate X

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It's the simple things...

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