Gumboots By The Sea Turns 2…

Here at GBTS, I am constantly evolving, connecting, trusting and being. The lessons are huge, the integrating essential.

The shifts and realisations that have been occurring in my personal and business life are taking me to many magical spiritual realms. It is such a gift having Gumboots By The Sea as the driving force behind my spirituality and my spiritual connection.

I am so grateful for all the amazing, genuine connections that I have made and experienced over the past two years. It’s so lovely to take the time to reflect on the growth and change which has occurred since beginning my heart and soul led business. It’s so nice to appreciate the genuine soul connections, as I continue to explore and learn even more about trust, love, spirituality and how, above all, this energy can create genuine healing magic.

As many of you already know, Gumboots By The Sea is an intuitive and heart led journey, it’s literally my heart and soul. Even the “business” side of Gumboots is fuelled by a desire to honour my soul purpose, lead the way for my babies and support as many souls as possible. It’s a desire that often overrides “rational thought” and makes some of my choices seem mighty risky. One that is absolutely worth it. GBTS has been a healing journey for me as I invest in and celebrate my own light and dark aspects, as I keep trusting in my unique skills and abilities and provide a healing journey for thousands of others. As I guide and support the amazing soul’s that are divinely guided my way, I allow them to trust in their own healing journey through my spiritual work using oracle cards, meditation, sound bowls and moon mentoring.

GBTS provides a healthy boundary for me to connect to source and tune into spirit. I am able to help more people to heal, to connect to their power, feel empowered and celebrate their true selves, their souls, their journey. Gumboots By The Sea is absolutely all of Kate Darnell and then some – energetically GBTS is able to offer a whole other connection to spirit, a spiritual voice and power of its own.

So, Gumboots Beauties, I’m taking this little blog and Gumboot’s second birthday to say THANK YOU. Thank you to the thousands of people who have engaged with Gumboots By The Sea, thank you to all of the beautiful, loyal and supportive souls who make up the Gumboots By The Sea community, who have invested in their own healing journey with GBTS, who believe in the magic and the power of their own healing magic.

May our souls continue to tune into our soul speak and dance the soul dance as we continue to connect, evolve, love and be. May we all continue to trust.

Wishing you abundance, flow, magic, love and joy.

Love Kate X

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