GBTS : Moon Magic – My recipe for success?

What’s my recipe for success?

A huge cup of YOU and a whole heap of COURAGE.

Add a dash of confidence, say “It’s time”, throw in a spoonful of trust, believe “it’s safe to be” and get ready to share and be all of YOU in whichever way makes your heart and soul truly sing.

It sounds so simple when it’s just written there like that! My question for you is…Do you feel that you are able to trust in and believe in you? Trust in and believe that it is safe to share your unique messages, your talents, your skills?

This is exactly what this blog is here to do, for me to let you know that it’s safe to find your voice, aim high and to share and be, all of you.


GBTS: Moon Magic has nearly completed her first moon cycle and my goodness it’s been a true honour to be journeying with an amazing group of souls who have experienced such growth, connection and clarity. To create online group moon mentoring, unique to me and all things Gumboots By The Sea, has taken courage but more importantly it’s asked me to share my story, my truths, my skills, it’s required me to show up and be all of me.

By stepping into my power and trusting in my abilities, I was able to call on the support of the moon and spirit to help create something that supports many women who were feeling out of alignment, disconnected and who desire a deeper connection to self and to soul. I am able to share the message of new moon intention setting and am fortunate to have the opportunity each moon cycle to show that there is power in knowing our worth, believing in us and confidently calling on spirit and the moon to help create true joy, love, abundance, flow and magic.

GBTS: Moon Magic came to me through meditation – spirit suggested that I go within and find the courage to put all of me into something I really believed in. It involved putting ego and self-doubt to the side, it involved wholeheartedly celebrating the part of me that loves supporting and empowering other people. It came as I really started believing that I had something to share with the world.

Because I really and truly trust and believe that I’m here to share my gifts as a spiritual guide with you, with the world.

GBTS : Moon Magic will be setting our next intentions this Thursday at 9pm (AEST) join us HERE as we tune into the energy of the moon, set intentions and I share a channelled meditation as we prepare for positive change and new beginnings.

Beautiful Soul, it’s time – time to tune in and really start working towards what it is you really desire. Remember, there are no limits – you really do deserve it all and you are supported by the moon, by spirit and by all things me via Gumboots By The Sea.

Aim high – amazing soul! The world needs your unique voice and I’m here to help you trust just that…so please rememberIT IS SAFE TO SHARE AND BE ALL OF YOU.

Love Kate X


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