Taking a moment…to be. Taking a moment…to unconditionally love.

Solstice has really shown me how safe it is to rest and go within, it was fitting that this message showed up to remind me of the power of doing just that…

Take a moment, an intentional breath, go within. Here we’re able to see truth, to feel truth, to take some responsibility and let go of the outcome. Take a moment, an intentional breath to go within, see your light, access your unique wisdom, your magic powers and truly be all of you.

So beautiful souls, I encourage you, take this moment to sit and be – complete, to be all of you…take a moment, to go within, to ask…

What limitations are you putting on your life? Are you experiencing unconditional love?Are you able to truly just be in the moment?

Can you rewrite the stories, the habits, the hurt?  Are you ready to evolve, embrace, be?

Loving without condition is so important. Setting limitations on how you or another needs to be is so damaging. Loving without limitations, to unconditionally love someone, especially yourself, is essential for truth growth, essential for us to really experience, our spiritual awakening.

It starts with us, this moment. Loving ourselves unconditionally, without limitation and spreading that love as far as we possibly can.

You may wish to set the intention to have unconditional love for self. To trust that there IS enough love to share, to spread. To remember that it’s safe to turn to love and light. This simple reminder may be what we need to trust that it is actually possible to love, to give, to be kind, compassionate, considerate…

Perhaps unconditional love is all we need to shift our perspective, to make us feel whole, to make us feel ready.

The real power, the magic is within, in this moment, with each of us loving ourselves unconditionally so we can love others and can be F R E E …

Love has no limits and neither do you.

Love Kate X

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