The Bubble of Protection

Many of the beautiful souls that are divinely sent to experience a Gumboots By The Sea healing or empowerment session have experienced working in toxic places.

If your workplace is getting you down and circumstances seem out of your control, I have a really simple visualisation technique that was shared with me when I was struggling not to be “pulled down” by negativity and drama at work.

It was shared with me many years ago by a beautiful soul sister and I have been sharing it with others ever since.

We call it the “Bubble of Protection”.

Take a moment to visualise a bubble surrounding your whole body. Give the bubble a protective colour – choose a colour that intuitively speaks to you.

Allow your coloured bubble to move with you, flow with you, ask it to protect you.

This bubble prevents negative energy becoming a part of your work experience, your story.

This protective bubble helps place peace between you and any issue. It allows you to not be drawn into the drama of others, the ego, the insecurities. It allows you to replace resentment and frustrations with love and peace.

We speak further about ways to protect, cleanse and reignite your energy in the Gumboots By The Sea’s online course TRUST_IN_YOU_TRUST_IN_SOUL – this course is completely live and intuitive led with the aim to support beings to develop a deep love and trust in themselves. I have the pleasure of guiding and spiritually supports anyone who feels guided to commit to six weeks of weekly meditation and who wish to receive regular oracle card guidance and channelled messages. For the fourth round of Trust in YOU Trust in SOUL I am offering an early-early bird between now and the end of June, this offer gives you with the opportunity to join HERE and save $200 off the whole course, the course begins July 9th 2018.

It would be a gift for you to join us.

Yours in love and protection!

Love Kate X

Allow the bubble of protection to stop negative energy from becoming a part of your experience...#gumbootsbythesea



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