Messages From Spirit

“Timing is everything and the timing of this message is perfect. We beloved one, are perfect, these moments, perfect, ALL of them”

-Spirit to Kate Thursday 22nd March 2018

On Thursday night I sat in the presence of so much love. I sat beside Silas as he held his grandfather’s hand and together we said our good byes to an incredible, loving, man. On Friday morning Max Compton passed and Silas and I were both thankful to the divine timing that gave us the opportunity to tell Max that we love him. Yes it was and has been incredibly sad, but Silas’ Pa had a long life, full of love and precious family.

Many people’s stories are incredibly different and in that moment, I found myself thinking about loss and death and LOVE and how there is so much tragedy in death, especially when lives are taken far too early. I meditated on the idea of LOVE in death and in all circumstance and source had a LOT to say me. My choir of spirits had a LOT to say, I wrote it down and thought I would share it with you.

Before you read this, take a breathe and a moment to tune into your spirits and guardian angels, as some of their voice may be in this for you too.

“There is absolutely nothing stopping us from operating in this space of love, positivity and hope at any time. There is absolutely nothing stopping us from celebrating every moment, every breathe, accepting all for exactly what it is. Yes! There are awful things that happen in life, some that many people will never fully recover from, some that we will never fully make sense of, but if you are here, in this moment of love, you do have a choice. We all have a choice. The choice to keep breathing, to be, to be love, to infuse loving thoughts to thank the world you’re in it. For as long as we are still here, we all have the opportunity to be all we want to be, to experience all we want. YES, there may be limits right now, there may be factors that aren’t working for you, that are making you feel let down and sad and you know what, maybe things will get worse before they get better BUT please know this, please shout this from the moment tops – thing will change, they will get better. They will, when you focus on the positives that do exist, when you focus on you. There are twenty things you can be grateful for right now! Actually more. So go, give thanks and stop, stop, stop making the moments that you are in worse than they need to be, worse than they actually are. There is pure magic in your world and all you need to do is wake up, feel it, believe it, give thanks for it and be”

So, my Gumboots beauties, source had a message for me, that I feel is for us all. It’s time. Time for – Less blame, less negativity, less hate. Time for more forgiveness, more positivity, more kindness. Time to believe in US, work with spirit, lean into LOVE.

I love you all  and thank each of you for being here. Have a beautiful and happy Easter, blessed be us all!

Love Kate X

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