I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. – Ho’oponopono

Do you ever find yourself holding other people responsible for how you’re feeling? Do you find yourself going over situations and getting fired up, frustrated, angry? It’s so important that we honour these feelings (especially the ones we’re not ready to freely confess too!). However, the real healing lies in releasing the need to hold others responsible. Doing so allows us to free our mind, spirit and soul in unimaginable ways.

It’s so easy for our default thinking to become judgemental and to criticise others especially when we’re not sitting in and honouring what we are really feeling. We are human, we ALL do it. And that’s ok. However, by changing the default and allowing our mind to stop holding others responsible for where our mind goes, we are able to genuinely move forward, to heal. We are able to bring ourselves into the moment and honour what we really need. We can question whether we have been making time for ourselves, if we are doing too much, not moving, not resting, nourishing our bodies? Spending time with our loved ones? Perhaps we need to stop relying on others to help us feel better about ourselves, maybe we need to start deeply meditating, to go within?

When we meet our frustrations with love and patience, we are able to forgive ourselves and others. We no longer need to blame, hold onto anger or worry. We can get on with loving, being, supporting, rising and doing what makes our hearts really SING.

The time is always now. To love more, be more, give more – to self and to others. Always. All ways. Putting you first, listening to you, trusting in you. In doing so, we give to others, we free others and allow them to do the same.  Because we really, really, really, are – ONE. Namaste.

Love Kate X

Listen to the Ho’oponopono chant “Thank You” HERE  a lovely version by Carrie GrossmanIMG_3289

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