Sceptic, Dabbler or Awakened???

Have you ever been a spiritual sceptic? Maybe you’re a spiritual dabbler? Already spiritually awakened?

It doesn’t matter where you are on your path of spirituality (also known as life!) there’s only one thing you need to lean into…trusting in yourself.

These days, I refer to spirit very confidently. However, when I first started Gumboots by the Sea, I was aware and fearful of the spiritual sceptic. I guess the spiritual sceptic in an extreme sense does not believe in spirit at all. But I have found there to be many people who may want to believe in spirit but still have a voice in their mind, doubting the unseen, convinced spirituality is a scam, certain that people are playing on other’s vulnerability or that people are just “making shit up”.

In the early days of my heart and soul led business, I would find myself worrying about whether people would really trust in me to read their cards, give me money for my conversations with spirit or be happy with what I had to share. I would often question whether I really trusted myself to share these genuine messages from spirit. I lacked confidence in my spiritual self. Why? Because of my first-hand experience of being a spiritual sceptic. It’s true – In the past, it had been so easy for me to fall into the trap of doubting something that can be described as your imagination, as fake or even crazy. It takes a lot to stand in one’s truth and really trust in conversations, connections, interactions with the spirit world. It’s so easy to conform to mainstream thinking and to believe that because there isn’t any scientific evidence (yet) that my feelings, my truths, my experiences, on spirituality weren’t/aren’t real.

Before completely committing and trusting in spirit, I left spiritual scepticism behind (obviously) and found myself becoming a spiritual dabbler. The spiritual dabbler believes in spirit when it suits them. I would turn to cards and believe in them when I felt they worked for me, if a message came out that I didn’t like, I would pull another card, desperately hoping that “spirit” would give me a message that I wanted to read. I would only speak about my spiritual experiences with other people who “believed” and I was quick to feel let down by the universe or spirit when things became uncomfortable or weren’t going the way I had planned. Spiritually dabbling may be enough for some people, the occasional reading, some crystal healing here or there, asking the angels for help when they are afraid. Personally, I found it to be limiting. Limiting my potential, getting in the way of sitting in the discomfort of life and trusting that all is exactly as it is…for a reason. Which brings me to being spiritually awakened.

Once I gained confidence in my spiritual self (through meditation!) my desire to flow and love in a spiritual realm grew. I began to feel like I was becoming more and more spiritually awakened. To completely indulge in such a space, I found myself breaking up with “people pleasing” relationships and good old ego (once and for all!). Here, I have discovered that we are all constantly evolving, giving, being… living and there is no “optimum” or final spiritual goal. We all have so much to learn, to give, we are all love.

Here, I am able to wholeheartedly say that I believe we are all spiritual beings, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Some souls choose to live spiritually, others may not. I feel that by acknowledging these phases it may be able to help us trust in and fully surrender to spirit, to selves.

Which phase are you in? Is feeling spiritually connected important to you?

Wherever you’re at, I send you ALL the LOVE. After all, we don’t need to define ourselves as anything more than what we are in this moment…which really is perfect!

Love Kate x

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