Wish Tree

Living spiritually is something that has evolved quite naturally for me. The use of oracle cards, astrology, crystals,  believing in spirits and the presence of people passed has been my truth and how I have chosen to live for many years. Today, I realised that there are many rituals that I almost take for granted when sharing my spiritual journey and growing with my children.

Each Thursday the girls and I visit my Grandparents, stopping on the way to say hello to a simple tree which is growing at the fence line of their property. For almost two years, the girls and I will pull up beside this tree, give gratitude and make a wish. We each listen as we take turns,  I encourage my daughters to wish and give thanks for whatever they like. You can imagine some of the “requests”…from new toys, to play dates to the more “deeper stuff” about joy, happiness, friendships and a happy life. Today  four year old Eden asked for the Wish Tree to feel happy and to know that even when the tree can not see us that we are always there loving it – my heart swelled.

Stopping by the Wish Tree today I started to see just how many rituals of gratitude and connecting to spirit our family actually have. Bird watching and trusting in the messages they bring, meditating together, checking in with each other, watching the sunrise, the sunset, accepting us each for exactly what we are and of course connecting to source, to spirit and knowing we are never alone are natural everyday occurrences and our hearts are overflowing because of it .

I felt guided to share this here, to encourage you and your family to trust in the little rituals that may already exist or to simply add something to your week where you give thanks and celebrate all that is. Taking a moment to connect with mother nature is a simple and non-complicated place to start.

Love Kate x


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