Fearlessly Sharing

Ego can and will seriously mess with all of our magic! It has the power to consume us, make us think we are so much more than we really are, it has the power to sabotage our heart and soul’s desires. To stop us from being who we really are and what we really feel we want and need to be/do.

This ego thing has had me hiding behind what I thought was my intuition or the common spiritual saying –   “it’s not meant to be”. My ego has had me sooooooooo worried about what people would think of my “amateur” site, what people would say, judge, do. My ego had me so worried that it had stopped me from pressing share on my website on publishing work that I started creating 7 whole months ago!

Tonight while I was speaking to a beautiful soul sister Sherrie (check out creative mermaids – this women is GOLD!) I clearly saw just how much I had been hiding and just how much of it was because of my ego and fear of what people would think. So ego, I’m here to ask you to please take a hike. Ego, I’m here to tell you that you actually don’t serve me and you absolutely have no place in helping me support, love and give to others in the way that I know I can. Free of you, ego, free of fear and doubt too.

Here goes…  Enter magic!

Love Kate x

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