Be You Love You

Connectedness is so important to me – and with pure acceptance and a whole lot of trust I am able to choose to let making these connections be exactly what they are meant to be. I am able to breathe deeply through any anxiety that may be lurking (because let’s face it – anxiety is REAL and it exists in all of us) AND I am able to WRITE, to heal and to share in my experiences. I am starting to see that this is how the awakened healer within me has been born. Fearlessly sharing my thoughts with the world because I wholeheartedly trust that I have something to share. I really do. And guess what – so do you. It IS that easy. My six days away shared something far more important than “shit yes” I can do “It” all…the six days showed me that I WILL PUBLISH letters to a Tibetan monk (that’s a whole other work in progress!)  that I WILL shine, live and be. These six days have shared with me a magic, a bond, a connection to my number ones. My number ones. My number ones. Myself – My Silas – My Eden – My Lucy.

So my message…If you’re searching for these people… if you have a desperate desire for number ones and they aren’t in your world yet, or if you “have” them but they aren’t feeling right in this moment. Start with making YOU the number one – trust that you are and need to be your number one, you are number one…YOU ARE NUMBER ONE…what do you need? What shit have you not sat in yet? What pain have you not been integrating or surrendering to? Gently, ever so gently I would love for you to please please please, be you, do you, feel you – first.

And when you do, whether it is sitting and drinking your warm tea until the end, sitting with your feet on the earth, releasing the need to do anything other than being in the very moment…then WOW – feel the openness, the readiness…dare I say it…the joy…because it IS in there –it is within YOU. Within you, you beautiful spirit. It is there in you, you amazing soul. It is there within you, oh beloved one.

Take a moment now to imagine one single drop of white light and allow it to enter your body, allow it to say hello to the essence of you…this drop of light is ready to help you smile, help you live, help you be everything you desire and more. Welcome this light and trust in it’s support…

Can it really be that simple? Maybe…and if so, what a magnificent start…

Love Kate x

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